Customer Experience, HR & Marketing Talks by Keynote Speaker, Tema Frank

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Tema Frank is a highly-rated presenter who speaks, trains, facilitates and teaches in North America, Europe and Africa about:

Clips from Tema Frank's talk about Building Internal Support for Your Projects. Click image to view video or go to

Tema Frank talks about Building Internal Support for Your Projects. (Click image to view video – new window.)

  • Customer experience & customer service improvement in the social era
  • Leadership & corporate culture improvement
  • Usability testing and user-friendly design
  • Effective marketing strategies and tactics in a digital world
  • Digital Marketing ROI (Return on Investment) & Metrics
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Social media ROI & measurement
  • Social media strategies & tactics
  • Women in the workplace, and women in technology

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Presentation Topics in Detail

Tema Frank talk about the 3rd P (Process) of her 3P Profit Formula

Tema Frank speaks about the 3rd P (Process) of her 3P Profit Formula (Click to view; opens new window)

Customer Service in the Digital Era

Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield. Unhappy customers can slash your business with a single tweet. Happy ones can lead to stellar success.

Versions of this can be presented as a full or half-day, hands-on, intensive course; as a 90 minute workshop; or as a keynote or other talk. It covers:

  • What is 360 degree customer experience, and how does it differ from traditional customer service?
  • Where to look to determine if you have a brewing customer experience problem
  • Customer journey & related process mapping
  • How to gather the relevant customer data to help you determine specific change priorities.
  • How to get internal buy-in for making changes
  • Social media planning, monitoring & damage avoidance/control
  • Tools and metrics for monitoring and improving

Leadership and Its Impact on Customer Experience

Clip from "Supervising for Success" talk / training by Tema Frank. Click image to view video or go to

Clip from “Supervising for Success” (Click image to view video)

You won’t have happy customers if you don’t have happy staff. 

  • How to inspire and motivate staff.
  • Supervising for success.
  • How does social media make leadership more challenging, and what can you do about it?
  • How can leaders use the Internet to improve communication with employees rather than to impair it?

Financial Sector Customer Experience

Tema Frank on the 2nd P of Profit Formula: People. Click image to view video or go to

Tema Frank on the 2nd P of the Profit Formula: People (Click image to view video – new window)

Financial institutions not only have to deal with thousands of customers, they have to be careful not to upset regulators. Many executives worry that these two issues conflict. But they don’t have to! This presentation explores:

  • How to lower the risk of complaints, through better customer experience.
  • How to get greater staff buy-in for serving customers better.
  • The ROI of customer experience improvement. Convince your CEO and Board!
  • How to handle social media without running afoul of regulations.

Travel & Hospitality Sector Customer Experience

Tema Frank talks about the 1st P of Profit: The Promise. Click image to view video or go to

Tema Frank talks about the 1st P of Profit: The Promise (Click image to view video – new window.)

It’s awfully competitive out there these days! Before they book, customers spend hours on the Internet looking for deals and reviews. How can you get more business, keep them coming back, and make them so happy they tell others that you are the one to book with?

  • Winning at the ratings and reviews game (without cheating!)
  • Customer journey mapping — what do prospects and customers really experience? How can you make it better?
  • Being extraordinary – simple things you can do to wow customers and get them talking (in a good way)!

Social Media Strategy

  • Before we get tactical, what social media strategies make sense for our type of organization?
  • How do we choose which social media to focus on?
  • What sorts of policies and systems do we need to protect ourselves and to execute a social media strategy successfully?
  • What’s the ROI?
  • How can I convince colleagues of the value of social media?

Getting in the Minds of Site Users

  • People come to the site, but so many of them leave without ordering or contacting us. Why?
  • We get reams of data, but what does it mean?
  • How do I know where to set priorities for spending my limited web site funds?
  • Usability testing methodologies: When would I use a focus group, a survey, lab-based user tests or other methods of getting feedback on my website effectiveness?
  • How to get the most from our web investment.

Writing for the Web / Content Marketing

  • Differences in writing styles needed for different types of media, including print, website, social media and mobile
  • Headlines they can’t ignore
  • Content that connects
  • Search engine optimization with great content
  • Content marketing strategies and tactics

Small Business & the Internet

  • Is it worth setting up a web site or social media presence? Is it worth spending more money on the one I’ve already got?
  • How cheaply can I do it and still have something worthwhile?
  • Where do I start?
  • What are the key things I need to cover?
  • How should I measure our digital marketing effectiveness?

Metrics Madness Workshop

Overwhelmed by demands to prove the ROI of your online marketing? This full-day, hands-on, course covers:

  • What measurements make sense to use. (There’s more to life than likes!)
  • How to know if the results are “good” and how to adjust the campaign if it is not going well.
  • Many of the measurement and tracking tools you can use, with hands-on time using key ones.
  • How to effectively identify and communicate the most relevant results to your client or boss.
  • How to demonstrate the ROI of your online marketing efforts.

Effective Internet Communication and Sales

  • Can the Internet be an effective communication or sales channel for our organization?
  • Is it worth the expense?
  • How do I get started?
  • How can I make sure our web site is achieving our communication or sales goals?
  • How should intranets be designed to facilitate internal communication and foster loyalty?

Women & the Internet

  • How has the Internet affected women’s lives as consumers? As employees? As business owners?
  • How can the Internet be used to provide better work/life balance?
  • What career opportunities exist for women in this field? What barriers need to be overcome?
  • What threats does the Internet pose to personal safety and security? How to protect against them?

None of these seem quite right?

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Tema Frank gives business talks in English and French

Tema Frank gives business talks audiences love, in English and French.

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