Increase sales. Lower customer service costs.

Web Mystery Shoppers lets you use fast, easy, large sample size usability testing for guaranteed higher conversion rates on your website.

If you’ve worked on the web for a while, you’ve got lots of ideas about how to make your website more effective. But do you have any of these problems:

  • Your boss or colleagues argue with you about the right way to change the site? You need some objective, evidence-based way to prove who’s right?
  • You are not sure which of several possible changes will fly the best with your website’s target audience? With your limited budget, you want to be sure the money’s going where it will make the most difference.
  • You’re worried that something may have been missed in the design, and you don’t want to risk embarrassment and angry customers by going live without testing it first?
  • You need a fast, easy way to compare your site to the competition and figure out how to make your site more effective than theirs?
  • You think you’ve followed all the good design rules, but your site’s sales conversion rates are still not as high as you think they could be
  • You need to find a way to cut transaction costs while keeping customers happy?
  • Your site is being redesigned and you want to make sure your designers don’t waste time and money by changing parts that customers like?

These are the concerns our typical customers have when they come to us. Solving these problems is our idea of fun!

And now we can also test your mobile site and your in-store experience (i.e. mystery shopping). Customers expect a seamless transition, but is that what they are getting? Find out!

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How Does Web Mystery Shopping Work?

We send hundreds of testers to your site and provide you with detailed descriptions of their experiences!

Web Mystery Shoppers typically uses between 30 and 300 people using many different computer systems, to test our clients’ websites. Our usability testers report in detail from their own computers or devices about what they are experiencing as they work through your website.

You’ll learn not just where they went, but why. You’ll know if the folks who loved your site outnumbered those who disliked it. And you’ll get insights that help you change it to make more of both groups happy.

Sell more. Build stronger relationships. Have happy website users.

Not sure if this is the right approach for your usability testing?

It might not be. Check out this article Tema Frank wrote for Quirks’ Marketing Research Review on different methods of user-testing.  Each has its time and place.

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