Social Media: A Good Way to Ease in Donors

McGill University Alumni uses social media to engage with alumni

Alumni love campus photos on social media pages

Social media is a great way for university alumni departments to find and reconnect with former students and potential donors. A lot of what they are learning applies to other organizations too.

Listen to this interview for ideas about how to connect with potential donors and a discussion of some of the challenges of running social media campaigns in large organizations, whether they are for-profit or not.

I first interviewed Derek Cassoff, director of communications for McGill University’s office of development and alumni relations for an article I wrote for University Affairs, Reaching out to university alumni through social media. In today’s Frank Online Marketing Show you get to hear more of what he had to say, including a description of a very cool multi-channel marketing campaign. (I also recommend reading the article, to learn about what other universities are doing.)

Key Social Media Marketing Lessons

  1. If you are going into social media, someone has to be responsible for it. You can’t count on people to simply “pitch in”.
  2. You need to be present consistently and often. If you don’t post to Facebook at least a couple of times a week, to your LinkedIn group about once a week, or to Twitter several times a day, you won’t get much benefit.
  3. When bad things happen to your organization, make sure your audience hears about them from you first! 

Have you connected with your university on social media?

Please comment below. (And share this post with your alma mater.)

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