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Mitch Joel: Ctrl Alt Delete Your Marketing

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Consumer Insight Is Not Just a Marketing Job

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Seamless Blend of Content and Commerce Creates Profits

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A Triple-Hitter Business Model Shaking Up Sports News

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The New Permission Marketing is Content, not E-mail

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Market Research + Niche = Great Product & Profits

FunctionFox got into the software-as-a-service (SAAS) marketplace early, developing a simple time tracking sheet for ad agencies, design firms and other small, creative teams. Starting early meant that they didn’t have any web-based competition when they started, but it also meant they …Continue Reading →

Your 1st Video Doesn’t Have to be Great; Just Do It!

I finally forced myself to put up a video.  I know (and have been telling you) that online video is now a crucial part of your online content marketing strategy, but taking that first step can be pretty scary, especially for those of us who didn’t grow up in the YouTube generation.

Here’s my first effort. It’s not the greatest, but it’s a start!

Things I should have done better

1. I should have used a lapel mike to improve sound quality
2. I let YouTube crop it but that ended up stretching it in the width, so I look reallllllly wide! Can’t see how to undo that!

Your turn!

If you haven’t done your first online video yet, do it now! Then link to it either here or at the Frank Online Marketing Facebook page. You can hear a few more video tips in my interview with Dave Phillips of Ubervideo.

And before you do that, how about encouraging my starter effort by sharing the link to this page?   Click any of the sharing buttons below. Thanks!

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