Are Digital Marketers Delusional?

Jordane Blasco, study author & Frank Online Marketing Intern

Jordane Blasco

New research shows huge disconnect between what Canadian marketers are saying and what they are doing when it comes to marketing their businesses online or on mobile. Results of a study by Frank Online Marketing Intern, Jordane Blasco.  Get your copy of Canadian Business and the Internet Survey.

Canadian companies are still missing the boat when it comes to online marketing, say several recent studies. But why?

To answer that question, Frank Online Marketing Intern, Jordane Blasco, surveyed Canadian (and a few international) marketers in June 2013 as part of his Master’s thesis in International Business Management. He found that there’s a huge disconnect between what Canadian marketers are saying and what they are doing.

Inadequate Staffing for Social Media Effectiveness

Just over half the respondents’ companies currently sell online (53%), but nearly a third of respondents (29%) have no staff members who are devoted mainly or totally to online marketing. In a further 39%, online marketing is part of the duties of only one staff member.

Surprisingly, given that 68% have no or almost no online marketing staff, 70% of respondents believe that their CEOs are fully committed to internet and/or mobile marketing.

Wishful thinking?

Marketers from 32 companies, mostly small- and mid-sized Canadian businesses, answered the survey. Because it was circulated on marketing and social media networks, these respondents are likely to be people with an above-average interest in digital marketing.

Barriers to Online Success

82% of the respondents said they personally are committed to internet and/or mobile marketing, but they cited the following major barriers:

  • 58% indicate that lack of budget is a significant barrier (which seems to indicate that there is less CEO buy-in than they think)
  • 42% cite problems proving the ROI (another indication of limited CEO buy-in)
  • 42% are unsure if Canadians will buy their type of products or services online
  • 42% are unsure how to go about doing online marketing effectively
  • 38% cite lack of time

Marketers Not Happy With Social Media Results

graph from Internet Use survey by Jordane Blasco
While most are using social media to try to promote their businesses, the results have been disappointing.

  • 35% said they company uses Facebook a lot, but they are unhappy with the results (vs 31 % who believe it is working for them).
  • LinkedIn users were the most satisfied with the results it was providing (46% use it a lot and believe it works for them, vs 19% who use it a lot but are not happy with the results.
  • Twitter users were also more satisfied than dissatisfied with the results (46% happy vs 27% dissatisfied)

How do these results compare to your company’s experience?

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