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social media like teen sex quote from Avinash KaushikI keep hearing from executives that their staff know how to tweet or post on Facebook, but they don’t really understand how social media and other digital marketing tools fit in to their organization’s overall marketing strategy.  That’s why my long-time friend and colleague, Sharon Bell, and I have partnered on this Digital Marketing course which we’ll be offering through MacEwan University’s School of Business Continuing Education.

Digital Marketing Course

Sound familiar?

You need digital and social media to play an effective role in your marketing and communication plans. Most of us  are prepared to try some new ideas and tools, but would also like to learn from what others have tried to the extent there are best practices in this new space. You need to know more than “what is a tweet”, but you don’t need to be “the expert” ready for the speaking circuit. You recognize it is not about the technology but what we do with it. This highly interactive session includes a combination of presentation of material, exercises, group discussion, case studies and examples.

Course Content includes:

  • Are the strategic fundamentals in place?
  • Are the operational fundamentals in place?
  • Integrated Campaigns
  • Branding in a Digital World
  • Organizing for effective digital and social media use
  • Choosing and Optimizing Social Media Platforms
  • Writing for Digital Media
  • Monitoring, Measurement and Evaluation
  • Examples and case studies, for learning that can be reapplied

This course is designed for:

  • People in the marketing and communication profession
  • Those who understand the basics (like what is a tweet) and want to know more,  but don’t need to be the expert
  • People who want to think about digital and social media on a strategic level
  • Those whose job it is to operationalize marketing and communications plans, that is take the plans to market


Edmonton – Thursday November 28 at MacEwan City Centre Campus Register online at (search for course number PRDV 0634)

Want to learn more about marketing overall (not just digital)?

Check out these other courses Sharon will be teaching this fall. Highlights below. Download the PDF for full details.

Brand Leadership

The “brand” word gets tossed around a lot – and not always with accuracy or clarity about what it means. Marketers and business leaders need to know how to grow a strong brand as the foundation of a successful business.

Building a Marketing Plan

More and more, marketers are under pressure to produce smarter, more effective marketing plans in less time and with smaller budgets. This unique, interactive course offers the fundamentals of an effective marketing plan, with insight from case studies and examples of market success.

Marketing Communication Essentials

This practical and interactive course, designed for people who are new to marketing and communications, will enhance your understanding of the development of marketing communication pieces and what makes great creative work.

Great Clients get the Best Work

Great creative gets its start with being a great client and having a great partner. Learn how clients become great and how good relationships foster great creative. As a follow up to Marketing Communication Essentials, this practical and interactive course is designed to enhance the more experienced marketers’ understanding of how to deliver effective creative.

Marketing – Your Competitive Advantage

Are you looking for a better grounding in marketing fundamentals or to refresh what you already know? Gain insight about marketing fundamentals – and how they work in the real world – to contribute to market success. Learn about building brands (both with employees and customers), the importance of customer insight, positioning your product or service, finding the right marketing and communication mix, measurement and more.

Question for you:

Would you be interested in an online version of the Digital Marketing course? Please tell us below (or send me an e-mail)

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