Think You Have Problem Employees? The Problem May Be Processes.

Ray Attiyah, author of The Fearless Front Line

Ray Attiyah, author of The Fearless Front Line

I don’t think anybody really wants to be a bad employee (at least not until they’ve just been fired and want to wreak as much destruction as possible on their way out the building!).

But often our systems get people into negative patterns that aren’t good for them or for the business managers and owners.

And unless we fix those systems, we won’t be able to deliver on our marketing and brand promises.

Break the Vicious Cycle

Ray Attiyah’s book, The Fearless Front Line, proposes what he calls the Run, Improve, Grow system of management, and in this week’s interview we discuss how to implement it.

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The basic concept is that you need to get middle management out of hands-on operation of the business; they need to let the front line do their jobs without much interference.

That frees up the middle managers to focus on ways to improve systems and make the business work better, which in turn frees senior management to focus on longer term strategy to grow the business.

In the interview we get into some nitty gritty examples of how to deal with “problem employees” and especially how to overcome the natural fears of giving your front lines more freedom and discretion to meet customer needs and solve customer problems.

Would You Trust Your Front Line Staff To Be “Fearless”?

Why or why not? Add your 2 cents worth below! (And subscribe to updates or the podcast, if you haven’t already!)

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2 comments on “Think You Have Problem Employees? The Problem May Be Processes.

  1. Excellent article Mr. Attiyah. It’s what I call Bell Curve #2. Opportunities are HUGE. Free white paper at website below. Best of luck with your efforts.

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