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James Schramko talks online marketing

James Schramko

Do You Feel Overwhelmed By Social Media & Internet Marketing?

James Schramko, an Internet marketer extraordinaire, and owner of SuperFast Business (among his many ventures), says in today’s podcast interview that you are far from alone.

Most businesses, he says, get bogged down in the details, focusing on “tiny little tactics instead of strategy”. He talks in this podcast about some of the approaches that have helped him and his clients become “superfast” successes.

(Actually, he points out that his own seemingly overnight success was eight years in the making!)

Key Digital Marketing Takeaways from James Schramko

1. Develop a strong team and a structured routine

He runs a growing empire with only virtual staff. He finds the best by making it clear what the company’s values are, and hiring only people whose attitudes and behaviors are consistent with those values. Then he stays in regular contact with them. Great communication and trust are both crucial.

2. If your business isn’t online yet, what are you waiting for?

“Your website should be your calling card, or your business front door” says James Schramko.

But don’t let yourself get bogged down trying to figure everything out yourself. Hire experts to deal with the technical side of things like setting up and running your website.

3. Write content your prospects want, and then syndicate it.

Check out his free Own the Racecourse program to learn how. (And for other advice on how to leverage the web to grow your business.) Write lots of “how to” and comparison (“versus”) articles. People are always searching for those.

I also recommend subscribing to the SuperFast Business podcast.

Next week: Jay Baer of Convince & Convert and the Social Pros podcast. (Also well worth subscribing to!)

What’s Your Business New Year’s Resolution?

Mine (or at least one of them) is to stop using the same content to let people know when I issue a new blog post or podcast. Instead, I will take the time to hand-craft something directly appropriate to the medium. So for Pinterest, comment on the picture, for Google + say something meaty about the content, for Facebook make it more personal.

Please comment below on what your plans are for 2014. (And share this post if you know others who might find it useful.) Thanks!

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