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Click the + symbol to open each section. Note: I only recommend online marketing tools that I’ve tried and been pleased with. That said, I will receive a small commission if you buy any of the tools marked with an asterix (*).

Domain Names

The folks at Marketing Samurai* and Domain Samurai* have put together a great way for you to buy “used” domains that already have a good page rank from Google. I’ve been using all of their programs, and highly recommend them. No hype, excellent quality. All of their programs offer a free trial.
12 Excellent Tools for Picking a Domain Name (from Six Revisions Blog)
Bust A Name (another domain name search tool)
NameBoy (helps you come up with ideas for domain names)

Domain Hosting

I like to have my website hosted at a different place from where the name is registered. That way, if one company goes down, it is easy to get up and running quickly with the other.

Hostgator* (REVISED) They are reliable, but overloaded. You may find that sites hosted with them load too slowly. I’m currently investigating alternatives.  

E-Commerce Platforms

Shopify Ecommerce* – Start your FREE trial now! This company is growing like crazy, largely because they make setting up and running e-commerce stores easy.

Email Marketing

When choosing an e-mail marketing service investigate its deliverability rates to make sure that your e-mail does not get blocked by service providers.
AutoResponder Reviews
Comparison of Email Marketing services

E-Marketing Tactics

SmartInsights  Good digital marketing blog

Event Management

Eventbrite * – Great tool to help you promote and sell tickets to an event. There’s no charge to set up an event; you only pay a small fee on each ticket sold to cover credit card processing & handling. If your event is free, you pay nothing.

Graphic Design

99Designs A lot of designers object to sites like this because they end up doing work that, if you don’t chose their design, is unpaid. But what I like is that you get creative input from more than one person, so you are much more likely to find a design you like.

I’ve heard good things from entrepreneurs about the logo services offered by LogoWorks*, and the pricing is very good. Here you can get $20 off LogoWorks Professional Logo Design 

Canva. We use Canva a lot for social media posts. They make it easy to create visuals to go with quotes (see some of our image quotes here), as well as things like Facebook headers. Great, free tool!

Productivity / Time Management

Business Card Reader app for smart phones. Not perfect recognition, but better than most. – lets you send out a calendar with several choices to people you want to schedule a meeting with. Makes it much easier to schedule meetings.
Getting Things Done –  by David Allen. This has been the most effective time management approach I’ve found so far. (Though I confess that I’m not doing weekly reviews weekly!)

Sales Tools

VCita* This cool tool is especially useful for professionals who book lots of appointments. It lets the visitor see when you are available and book their own time slot.
Save time on Client Scheduling and Reminders
Marketing Samurai* – a free trial is available, and after using that I got hooked. This is a great program for discovering and monetizing markets, and they provide excellent tutorials.
MicroNiche Finder*- not free, but it looks like a useful tool for finding niches you can market to

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Squirrly* – This is an awesome plug-in for WordPress. It helps you optimize your content as you write it. It makes it easy to check for the best keyword phrases to optimize for before you start writing, then gives you warnings and/or green lights to ensure your article is both human-friendly and Google friendly!

Security & Privacy

Sucuri Security* – Sadly, it is all too easy to have your website infected by nasty viruses. This can get you blacklisted from Google, and have scary warning messages show up when people try to visit your site. I’ve been using Sucuri for over a year now, and it is great. They get rid of the infected files and resubmit your site to Google. Well worth a few dollars.
Sucuri Security

Technical Support

I’ve had mixed luck with freelancers hired through ODesk and elance. Some have been excellent, but not always available when you need them. Used WP-Curve for a few years, but they were bought out and increased their prices. I have now switched to WP Radius



Web Mystery Shoppers – We’ll hire from 30 – 300 people just like your target market to give you detailed feedback on your website.
Contrast Checker – Free tool to make sure people with less than perfect vision can read your site easily
W3C Validator – Great took for making sure your website meets accessibility guidelines. Even if you aren’t “targeting” people with visual or other challenges, good compliance makes your site easier for everyone!

Web Design

Color Palette Generator  – if you can’t afford a pro designer, this tool helps
Every Stock Photo – search engine for free photos
Wufoo – form builder tool

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