Is e-marketing relevant in an m- and s-marketing era?

Had a great conversation with designer Kyle Loranger last week. He was questioning whether I should still be calling myself “e-Marketing Mama”.

Do people think of e-marketing as referring only to websites? What about mobile marketing? What about social media?

Fair question. 
Certainly when I am working on an e-marketing strategy for clients I invariably tie it in with a bunch of non-electronic marketing ideas. You can’t do one well without the other. 
I might not keep the “mama” (I’m edging closer to grandma age! Yikes!) but I’ve decided I will keep the “e”. Why?
To me, the “e” in e-marketing stands for:
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Easy
  • Economical
  • Engaging
  • Entertaining
  • Educational (in a good way; not in a “Listen up, class” kind of way)
  • Exciting
  • Essential
  • Empowering (for both the consumer and the marketer)
In today’s world, e-marketing is everything!

Do you agree? Am I missing any relevant  “e”s?
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