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Have you ever tried to find a granola bar that contains no nuts or seeds? Not an easy feat, let me assure you! So I went searching online for stores that specialize in people with allergies. One of those I found, NoNuttin (Now renamed to LibreNaturals), makes such bars. This is a classic example of a niche so small that they’d have had a heck of a hard time surviving in the pre-Internet era.

Now, of course, making them is one thing, making them TASTY is another. Anticipating my hesitation, the site offers a Try Before You Buy feature. Great idea. And when I sent my request, they very promptly got back to me with confirmation of my order. My only problem with the feature is that they had it hidden under the “Go shopping” link. I can see that they might not want to put it on the home page, for fear they’d end up sending out a lot of bars to people who are not really interested, but they should at least have the offer also showing in the Stores With Our Bars section. People who’ve got there are probably seriously interested.

(I’ll let you know, when they arrive, if they do taste good. Then you’ll be able to buy the perfect gift for your friends with nut or sesame allergies!)

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