What Should Canadian Businesses Be Selling Online?

Canadians are eager to buy online from Canadian businesses. I mean, really, who wants the hassle of dealing with customs and duties? Given a choice most Canadians will purchase from a company that is located in Canada.

Should all Canadian Companies Be Selling Online?

No. Selling online won’t work for everybody. But even if you sell products or services that people won’t buy online, you will find that in most product categories a huge and growing number of Canadians start their search online. So you can certainly use the web to boost your sales, offline or online. 

That said, there are some product categories that people are particularly keen to research and/or buy online. If your business sells in one of these categories, you should be building your web presence. 

Products Canadians are Most Actively Searching Online


  1. Electronics. I’m inferring this from the fact that Best Buy Canada is one of the top search queries. This could simply be because Best Buy has been particularly good about selling online in Canada, so people think of them. But if you are a specialist in a category Best Buy sells to, you may be able to divert some of this traffic to your business. Computers, in particular, rank high.
  2. Real Estate. No, they aren’t likely to buy real estate online, but they sure want to research properties online. So if you are a realtor who hasn’t yet built a strong online profile, go for it!
  3. Shoes. Yep. Personally, I can’t imagine buying shoes online without having had the chance to try them on first. But then again, I go for comfort more than style when I buy shoes. But I know a lot of ladies who are definitely followers of the shoe cult. 
  4. Cars. Some people actually buy cars online, but almost everybody researches them online before heading to a dealership. If your website gives great information on the cars you sell, they are much more likely to come buy from you.
  5. Kindles. This one surprised me, but I guess not everyone who has heard of Kindles realizes that they are an Amazon product and are invariably featured as soon as you go to an Amazon site. According to Google’s Keyword Tool, there are on average 334,918 searches containing the words Kindle and Canada every month.

Now, learn what Canadians are actually buying online.

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